Louisville Rugby finalizes partnership with rugby supplement company


The Louisville rugby club is excited to announce a new partnership with the nutritional supplement company, Ruck Science. The partnership begins on June 21st, 2016 and will continue indefinitely.


Some background on Ruck Science


The company was founded in 2015 by a group of rugby players who want to give rugby players the best possible nutritional supplements while at the same time supporting the rugby clubs they play for. Since then, the company has grown consistently and now allows any rugby player in the country to order from ruckscience.com and receive their package within 2 days.


What can you buy from Ruck Science?


They have a whole range of nutritional supplements available. Most of which our members are using at one time during the season or another. Some of their nutrition products with the best reviews are their Whey Protein, their full Rugby Supplement Stack and Beet Elite which is a nitrate powder that has been shown to improve circulation, recovery and endurance.


How to use the sponsorship program


Whenever you make a purchase on ruckscience.com, you’ll be given the option to include the name of your rugby club during the checkout process. Please remember to enter “Louisville RFC” when you’re doing this. We don’t want to miss out on any revenue from the guys at Ruck Science.


Ruck Science will pay out up to 20% of every purchase. So there’s real potential for us to do well out of the program if we work it. Every month, the company will send us a PayPal donation for the percentages. You can see more about the sponsorship program here which includes the full breakdown of how donations are made to us.


How else can we help?


If you really want to help these guys out, consider inviting your rugby-playing friends to Like their Facebook page. Otherwise, consider buying from them if you use supplements so the club benefits at the same time.

LRFC Finalizes Partnership with RuckScience Rugby Supplement Company